So you have work!!

Post any job and write a short description 5 words or less. (Jobs are easier to sort if they have shorter descriptions.)

Write a detailed description of the work. Make sure to include job requirements, hours, work environment and any other relevant information. 

Select a work category. 

Odd Job - Any work that needs completed that is not business related. 

Work from home - Any work that can be done from home. 

Full time/Part time employment - Business and professional employment opportunities. 

Select City and State. (Select the City and State the work is located in. 

Choose a contact method.You can input your phone and/or email
You can also use the in app messaging, if you provide an email and create a free account. This will protect your privacy and allow you to message others directly from the app.

Preview your job.
This is how your work will look when viewed within the application. 

You are all done. Work will automatically expire after 45 days. The work you submit will appear in your account page. 

Account Page
Here you can create a profile. This will be public information and will showcase your skills and a photo of your choosing. If you are an employer this will be the area for your business information. 
Any work you have posted will be viewed on the account  page. You can edit or delete posted work at any time. About the app. Mobile application designed to bring together people looking for any employment and people who have work. This app is designed to allow people to find work without the hassle of signing up or filling out loads of information. You are in control of where your information goes and who sees it. This application allows work opportunities to be submitted by anyone. Results are based on City and State. Many of us have odd jobs that are too small to be hired out, but what happens when they begin to stack up, overwhelming us to the point of exhaustion? Let those of us who have a few extra hours each day work for you! No job is too small. Submit work and someone will be willing to do it! Application Features: - No annoying ads!- No signups required! (unless you want to use the app message feature.)- Best odd jobs application on the market!- Free to use! (for work not related to a business.)- Submit any work, no matter how small! Someone is willing to sweep your driveway, wash your car, or do your dishes.- You can submit or view results in an instant.- Results based on selected location.- Easy to search for available work based on pay!- Simple and intuitive platform for submitting work opportunities.- Anyone can submit work or apply for work without signing up!- Create your own personal or business profile. You decide how your profile appears and its content.
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